• Full Auto Vacuum Forming Machine

Product Feature

  • The width of sheet fixture is able to be adjusted by motor and fine tune. It saves the time of mold changing. For female molds, within 7 cm height, the additional frame is not necessary to use for add the height.
  • We design electrical motor lifting/adjusting system for water cooling plate and upper mold.
  • These device makes sure the safety of operators and make the mold to proper position in a short time thus it saves time of mold changing.
  • For the water spraying system, we adopts moving sprayer to make sure it sparys well and equally to each corner.
  • We adopt 3 sets of powerful clamps for the automatic pulling film system.
    The operation is very smooth and fast to raise the effectiveness.
  • For the pulli ng motor, we adopt inverter to control the forward/backward directi on.
    Each can be adjusted seperately. With Ballscrew and slide to make the moving smooth and fast and it can avoide shock after located.
  • The heater controlling is with inverter motor to control it. The operation is steady without influeneed by unstable pressure.
    The position controlling is able to adjust with CCD and avoid shock happened.
  • The feeding adopts motor and rubber wheel for material leasing. It is able to adjust the length.
    (The silicon rack is able to in stall additionally for silicon liquid)
  • The material range includes PVC,PS,PP,PET,ABS and OPS...etc.
  • During the heating process, the enclosed structure is able to help for the controlling the flatness of material and avoid the issue of material sagging.
    If it runs with male mold, the machine can blow to reduce the water ripple and enhanee the flatness.
  • We adopted dual cylinder and rack for the plug assist. It can avoid shock problem during forming process.
    The positioning is precise and helps for the defect rate pf product reduced. It is especially for half mold process.
  • We adopts nickle tube for the heater instead of normal steinless tube. It solves the bending and broken problem.
  • The forming area and press cover of this machine are with chromemate treatment.
    It can reflect the heat effectiveness and avoid rusty, oxidation and dust.
  • Machine control by touch screen controlleror control panel of control box.

Product Specification

Model Forming Area Film Width Forming Depth Vacuum Pump Air Compressor Electric Heater
FAS-6012 570x1200 mm 500~600 mm 140 mm 5 HP 7.5 HP 30 kw
FAS-7012 670x1200 mm 500~700 mm 140 mm 5 HP 7.5 HP 34 kw
FAS-7014 670x1400 mm 500~700 mm 140 mm 5 HP 7.5 HP 38 kw
FAS-7016 670x1600 mm 500~700 mm 140 mm 5 HP 7.5 HP 40 kw
FAS-8012 770x1200 mm 500~800 mm 140 mm 5 HP 7.5 HP 42 kw
FAS-8014 770x1400 mm 500~800 mm 140 mm 5 HP 7.5 HP 45 kw
FAS-8016 770x1600 mm 500~800 mm 140 mm 5 HP 7.5 HP 49 kw

※We reserve the right to modify the specifications, if there are subjected to change, without prior notice.
※Machine made available on request.