• Continuously and servo type thermoforming machine (3 / 4 stations)

Product Feature

  • This machine is with PLC/HMI interface and easily controlled, also with memory function.
  • Heater controlling is precise by the PLC and raising temperature very quickly.
  • Heater is with automatic return design at emergency condition.
  • Material pulling is stable and length is precise.
  • Auto punching/cutting and stacking with calculator to save operators and cost.
  • The male and female mold is able to be adjusted easily the height to save mold changing time.
  • It is capable with both direct and indirectly water-cooling thermoforming molds.

Product Specification

Material length Thickness Depth Pressure Weight
700*800mm 0.12-2mm 150mm 0.6-0.8Mpa 17T

※We can customize for you based on your requested dimension, please contact us.
※We have the right to revise the specification directly and specifications are subject to change without notice.