• Thermo-plastic Thick Board Forming Machine

Product Feature

  • Adoptes ceramic heater for heating two surfaces, heating quickly & saving elec-tric power, these ceramic heater are controlled by temp gauge, easy for adjusting and temp displayed.
  • Move the thermo-plastic board into fixed electric oven and moving speed is controlled by inverter at stepped speed.
  • The blowing, stretching and vacuum forming pattern for which after the thermo-plastic board be heated & positioned, Since, the product thickness are uniformly.
  • The up moulding height adjustment is by electric, convenient & quickly.
  • The thermo-plastic board size can be adjusted randomly.
  • This machine is suitable for ABS, PVC, PP etc., thermo-plastic board.

Product Specification

Model Forming Area Forming Depth Vacuum Pump Air Compressor Electric Heater
CVB 1000 X 2000mm 300mm 5 HP 10 HP 130 kw

※We reserve the right to modify the specifications, if there are subjected to change, without prior notice.
※Machine made available on request.