• New Enclosed Type Digital Operate

Product Feature

  • Air pressure/vacuum forming can just only thermo-forming process or air pressure/vacuum forming process. Can reduce temperature of the feeding sheet make the products more beautiful looking.
  • Use nickel pipe heater. Scr thermocontroller with memory 100 sets for easy control.
  • The upper mould deep length adjust, can pre-setting by 100 sets of memory, or plc control calculate, or minim adjusting. Can save time for adjust and save production cost.
  • The middle frame film width be adjusted by electrical adjustment and also can be adjusted finely, Since, the replacing time of middle frame will shorten, Especially, the within 12cm concave moulding will not added the adjacent frame, advancing the working efficiency.
  • The cold water moulding adopted electrical elevating which can be assured the operator safety and the moulding can be reached ideal position quickly and reduced the replacing time.
  • Auto water spraying and adopted the reciprocating movement spraying water which will equaled for every position and not accumulated water meanwhile.
  • The auto draw film is adopted three powerful responding clamping kit, stable & rapid of machinery running and the ill-products willbe reduced mostly.
  • The film drawing motor is controlled by inverter, furthermore, the forward, backward & speed reducing etc., be adjusted separatively, stable & rapld of actions, Since, the production rate will be increased.
  • The electrical heating box is controlled by inverter motor and the stable operating process will not effected due to unstable air pressure and the positioning operating can be adjusted by electrical photo-eye, Especially, those will not vibrated after positioning.
  • The feeding is adopted motor drived rubber roller unloading and the unloading length can be adjusted.(Can be installed the sillcon tunnel for dipping silicon cement)
  • This m/c are suitable for PVC, PS, PP, PET, ABS, OPS etc., thermoplastic material.
  • he heat forming is adopted sealing style and anyhow material, thickness film in heating process, those will not generated sinking condition, Especially, those film will not happened stretching appearances and the surface of forming products will be bright & glossy.
  • After the film be heated and the film will be pluck up by hot air, before unforming, even as more higher top end of convex moulding contacted the film ahead and appeared film cooling forming but not generated uneven thickness appearances.

Product Specification

Model Forming Area Film Width Forming Depth Vacuum Pump Air Compressor Electric Heater
FASP-6012 570X 1200mm 500-600mm 140mm 5 HP 7.5 HP 30kw
FASP-7012 670 X 1200mm 500-700mm 140mm 5 HP 7.5 HP 34kw
FASP-7014 670 X 1400mm 500-700mm 140mm 5 HP 7.5 HP 38kw

※We reserve the right to modify the specifications, if there are subjected to change, without prior notice.
※Machine made available on request.