• Progressive Vacuum Forming Machine

Product Feature

  • The machine is adopted the ceramic heating device, quick & electric saving and the heating device is controlled and displayed by the temp gauge, equal of temp and easy of adjustment.
  • The film width is adopted the active style, the shaping length can be adjusted randomly.
  • Electricity type adjustment adopted for chain width.
  • The cooling water spraying is adopted mobile type which can be cooled the shaping section quickly & evenly.
  • The cooling water moulding is adopted electric elevating, easy of adjustment and adjusting time saving.
  • The upper moulding elevating adjustment is adopted electricity, quick of adjustment and convenient.
  • The feeding is adopted motor drived rubber roller unloading and the transmitting chain is controlled by inverter with feedback circuiting which can be corrected the unloading length more accurately.
  • The film cutting off is adopted no rod pneu, cylinder and the cutting transmitting is very accuracy.
  • This machine is suitable for PSP 、 PS PVC 、 PP 、 PET etc., plastic material.

Product Specification

Model Forming Area Film Width Forming Depth Vacuum Pump Air Compressor Electric Heater
CVO-6010 570X 1000mm 500-600mm 140mm 7.5 HP 15 HP 36kw
CVO-6510 620 X 1000mm 500-650mm 140mm 7.5 HP 15 HP 42kw
CVO-7010 670 X 1000mm 500-700mm 140mm 7.5 HP 15 HP 48kw
CVO-7012 670 X 1200mm 500-700mm 140mm 7.5 HP 15 HP 51kw

※We reserve the right to modify the specifications, if there are subjected to change, without prior notice.
※Machine made available on request.